Digitally rendered shaded art by Megenta7 of the character Gaiety as a feral (non-anthromorphized) dog laying atop a giant pile of dog treats. Alongside the pile of treats are clearly empty bags labeled 'Dog Food' Gaiety has faer eyes closed, paws kicking up excitedly, with a hand paw mid-action tossing yet another treat into a lazily open maw with tongue agape ready to receive the treat playfully.


Homepage for the fursona of Gaiety, the doggo.


The pup, the legend... or at least fae're a good dog.

Full name
Anatolian Shepherd
💋 Playful, Courageous, Flirtatious
💃 Fae/Femme/Faer or She/Her
🌈 Lesbian (in the inclusive sense)
While fae've evolved time and time again, fae're the same shep I've had since I was a pup in the real. Gaiety is a 1:1 reflection of faer creator. So much so that I've adopted fae's name as my middle name. You can learn a little more about faer creator at

Want art with her? Reach out and let's make it happen!

Gaiety is generally available for most kinds of art with fun people. Be kind, respectful and let's find an artist together and chat.

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Digitally rendered art reference image for Gaiety. Species is an Anatolian Shepherd who is described as playful, courageous and flirtatious. Fae are shown with color palette consisting of a tan and brown dog with a white belly, lean body, floppy ears with colored bangs and medium length dark brown slightly curly hair. Faer tail is prominantly long and fluffy, if it were straight it would reach their feet paws. Fae are shown with a watercolor paw print multicolor tattoo alongside several collars, an optional pair of glasses and numerous small circular piercings in an asymetrical fashion across faer ears. The artwork is done by Zedzar.